HR Measurement: Breakthrough Performance

Much is said and done about HR metrics, and lately about engagement. In fact, HR is still struggling with its own performance measurement. For a change, let's not talk about metrics even if I am a big fan of those numbers. What are often downplayed are  the factors that affect  metrics. Very simplistically it can be narrowed down to this simple question: how are your managers doing?  
The truth of the matter is that you can complain about managers not doing well, not listening, not delivering as expected, but who is at fault? Very simple answer through a more intricate path.


Recently, I came across an article from Harvard Business review about HR at Netlfix. Impressive! All the more impressive to me since I happen to strongly share the same values. Basically, the principle would be: "keep only the best for your company, tell the truth, make  sure people understand the company's bottom line." Yes, one could say that it is too drastic. All things being relative, I find myself on the side of those who think that Netlix' s approach to HR is absolutely fantastic. The truth is that managers get the results they deserve, and therefore the staff they deserve.

Ok, you are going to say that you inherited the staff. True! We all at some points have inherited a couple people that we didn't get the opportunity to select ourselves. This is where Netlfix's approach to HR becomes so relevant: you get what you deserve, good or bad or even ugly. Why? Because you can turn those people around or turn the situation around. The only trick: you have to be willing and/or able to do so.


How to do that? It is important to have the courage to address issues. You cannot please everybody at all times. Sometimes, you cannot please anybody. The position of leadership is never a comfortable one. We can find ourselves discouraged at times. A red flag appears when we become complacent, accommodating. We just need to either live with the aches and pains of leadership and address issues properly, or leave. It cannot be in-between or let-go the easy-going way, because we would become a drag instead.

Again, the bare truth is that managers get the staff, department and results that they deserve. Why? Simple: either they make the right decisions and keep the golden egg or are unable to discern the right decision to make and keep all bad and sour apples who kill the good burgeons. Sounds harsh? Simple reality check! You have to make a choice. If you don't want to do the weeding yourself, you will undoubtedly lose your best members/partners, sooner or later, and in one way or another. In the case of Netflix it was 97% good vs. 3% inadequate. What if in your company it is a majority of inadequate who kill the few good and motivated ones? Have you checked your metrics, and by that I mean the department, company ones, not just the individual ones. They should meet. If not, something is fundamentally wrong.


The danger is when we get trapped in administration and formalities and are not able/allowed to handle situations and people properly. In this case, good and/or courageous managers leave. One just has to either stay miserable in-limbo,  or make the decision to go somewhere else where maintaining a productive team is not a hassle. HR is not about administration, rigidity, and lack of understanding.

Some companies are still trapped in, and stiffened by, heavy administration. We are in a digital, fast pace world where "young"/agile mentality and technology prevail. A company that is so entrenched in administration, paperwork, old ways of doing things will think accordingly. If you are not a good fit, by all means, leave! Are you concerned by your age? Well, maturity and professional maturity are not synonymous with "aged" in a negative way! Cheese is better mature, and so is wine! So, are you! If you keep up to date, like things to run smoothly, can take a joke, and enjoy reaching positive results without stressing out a whole team, then, you are mature to perfection. 


We often don't think of the obvious, but the reality is that the packaging is an accurate preview of the content. It is a matter of real understanding of the packaging. Have you ever walked into an office and looked at the people? They can look so different from one another while working in the same building! Look closer: one department will differ from another in "feel", climate, sense. Why? The team members make the department! It exudes what happens inside! It is a matter of connection and chemistry; and depending on the situation, work will be harder or smoother. People at odds with each other do not work together: they work side by side at best, against each other at worst. They could tolerate the situation. Do you just want to tolerate your team? Is HR aware of your realities?

Whenever hiring, think about it. I previously wrote about hiring and first impressions; see here. But most likely you will walk into an organization with an all-ready team to work with. Make the right assessment. Do you think you can turn tricky situations around? Do you feel up to it? Do you want to do it? Are you ready for bad and good, and ugly and disappointing surprises? So, check the packaging: how do they look ? How do they act? How do they work? It is a preview of what could happen.


Challenge is good. This includes taking challenging decisions so that things break through. Your breakthrough moment can happen anytime, and yes, it will lead you to a different path. Either you will decide to make things happen and bring changes to the situation at work, or make a change to your professional and personal situation. Challenge is good: how you approach it will be the true measure of your performance. Also, isn't HR performance measured through managers' success? This has a domino effect. Dare to break through the usual, stiffened administration, old practices...and feel the power of fresh navigation.

En Synthèse....

Changer ou pas, voilà ce dont il s'agit. Car quelles sont les mesures de votre succès? Je dirais plus et mieux: quelle est la mesure de votre bon-sens,  professionalisme,  courage professionnel?...

Allez-vous sombrer dans la médiocrité et entrainer votre organisation dans votre noyade pour aini dire, ou allez-vous resurgir et secouer ce monde de léthargie et de train-train insensible? 
Une autre option absolument valide serait de quitter. Ayez le courage de vos aspirations. L'age se réflecte non par les rides ou les cheveux grisonnants, mais par cette attitude léthargique et cette constante peur d'aller de l'avant et de dire oui à la technologie, à la mode, au pas rapide du changement.

J'étais un jour tombée sur une grande boite où la DRH etait toute fière de dire que le pointage se faisait par biometriques. Mais aussi? Tenez-vous bien: tout le reste RH était encore paper/crayon. Allez comprendre! Autre exemple: ce manager veut changer les choses et appliquer la réorganisation dirigée par le Siege. Le grand hic? Son staff est contre, est "vieux jeu" et sabotage pour ainsi dire le changement. Le manager? "Je ne sais comment ne comprends pas...j'ai tout essayé...". Oui, tout essayé sauf peut-etre ce qu'il faut faire: se débarrasser de ce qui empêche les avancées. La politique RH Netlfix est un exemple fantastique d'une mentalité innovante. Il faut savoir choisir et faire la part des choses pour soi, l'Organisation, et les autres. Un jour ou l'autre, vous devriez pouvoir percer, d'une façon ou une autre.


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