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SIMPLY HR or SIMPLY YOU: Smart Evaluation

Meetings, formal or informal, such as going to seminars or crossing each other in hallways and elevators give us a glimpse of faces of HR. Simply HR or simply human? Ready for a smart assessment?

Holiday Seasons are busy: we have to evaluate our year, our team, our business, our metrics, in sum ourselves. How did we score for 2014?

Happy Season?
Cranky or ShinyYou?Happy Season!We would like it to be in the face of the world, and for ourselves. Stressful period? Nor only for accountants and CFOs, but also for HR people. We face a different set of challenges during the holidays: employees feel the pressure of the holiday spirit, and we face the implications of the season.

So, yes, you have been busy lately, and stressed out; yet colleagues and employees still expect you to be Simply HR. Simply HR? What does it mean? How about consistency? How about objectivity? How about sound interpretation and application of guidelines? To employees, it will mean FAIRNESS. All welcome and appreciate &q…