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Complaints? No! Insights

Why is it that any time somebody presents a situation you think that they are complaining and are upset? Why on earth does the word "upset" come to you so easily?

You - any lucky, blessed manager or leader who escaped any upheaval of any sort despite low morale -  have not lived what the word "upset" would mean to employees. By the way, they are too scared of retaliation to show you that they are upset. Sad thing. And, no, you have not seen a large group of employees coming to your office to complaint about the leadership style in the organization. You have not lived one single meeting with unhappy union representatives. You have not seen one single senior executive walking out of the board meeting. You have neither seen nor heard some of your employees telling a corporate leader that your favorite partner is "worthless." You have always defused any attempts of complaints by giving empty promises and counting on fear of retaliation. That is unfortunately …

X? The Human Factor


In Times of Change...

The other day, I had an interesting discussion with a Millennial about change. They give you a different perspective of things and situations, no doubt about it. They can make you reassess your thoughts. They also get irritated because you are not so adept at technology use, or they jokingly make fun of you. They move fast, act fast, change fast.... Some perceive them as a threat. They are just different. But different is not necessarily bad, right? Dare to be different. Sounds familiar?

Well, I like to keep an open mind. Not too long ago, I overheard a conversation among coworkers commenting on "To what extent do we have to accept diversity?" Ha ha!! It was a group of baby boomers and Xers talking about some new hire: a Millennial. Talking about generational conflict. Not always expressed out loud, always present.

As for me, I was having a direct insight on Millennials' approach to business in general. On organizational structure, or restructuring: my argument was who o…