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What Can You Afford to .....?

No, I have no Time
Can you afford to listen to an employer for an hour? Or the question should be: can you afford not doing it?

Mary comes to see you and pours out her heart and soul and work life. You have been listening, and listening. At times your mind is drifting away: a project is waiting on your desk, you need to meet a deadline for a document, you have an appointment in an hour. Mary has been here for more than 30 minutes, and you are listening...and you wish that she would stop.

In the course on the conversation, if conversation there is, you have learnt of two operational issues, one employee relations issue, one repeated managerial issue, trust issue. This later being that Mary puts her trust and work life in your hands.

So, could you or not afford to listen to Mary?....oh this document, this deadline, this project, this meeting....

Sometimes, if not at all times, we need to inspire trust and confidence. We need to be able to tend a good, compassionate ear. If you…

Employee Benefits...Benefits of HR

Now that elections are over, whether the  Health Care Reform within the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a gain or a loss for the common, employed US individual is yet to be seen.

According to a survey conducted by the Midwest Business Group on Health(MBGH) in collaboration with The Benfield Group, a health care consultancy, quite a few adjustments will take place among benefit plans between now and 2018. 

Where do Most Employers Stand?
On the positive or negative side, major findings  mostly indicate that:
There is little indication that  employers will drop health benefits within the coming year; Employers who plan to reduce their benefits in 2014-2016 are 31%, while 41% will do so for 2017-2018. This is an adjustment to the 40% "penalty" tax on high premium insurance - Cadillac - plans; The majority  of employers - 52% -  plan to make vision and/or dental coverage voluntary benefits in 2013. It will rise to 55% by 2018. Interesting enough, the change in the legal healthcare lands…

Have You Met a Human Robot?

The other day I came across a republished article on interviewing skills from Chris Dunn in The HR Capitalist.  The Comments were just as interesting as the article itself.

How many of you have gone through an interview where the interviewer - often the HR rep.- goes through a list of questions and reads them to you? They stick to the script. And at the opposite side of the desk you wonder: "now what's next?"

Corporate Gives You a Script: Follow it
You are HR, you are the company. Corporate gives you a script and you are to follow it. Religiously?
It could give you an insight of that organization's culture: rules are to be followed without discussions. Just adhere to them or you are out.This could be your understanding as an interviewer.  But most often - if not most likely -  it is a sure indication of the inability of the interviewer to adjust to situations.Granted you are given a script. Let's figure out why.
"Corporate" likes uniformity: "they&…