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Notes On Recognition: To Employees, Managers, and HR

Quick intermède here before we talk about other pending HR matters...
Intermezzo ...Interlude...
A shout out to Sharlyn Lauby of HR Bartender on her post on employee recognition! Simple and to the point, addressing both employees' concerns and managers-related issues in a concise fashion.
Recognition To YOU & Engagement to ... ?
In today's world of work, recognition has become paramount. The thought is that it is the key to engagement, So, yes, send your Kudos in all shapes and forms. However coaching and feedback sessions are the flip side of recognition, and it can stir so many reactions.

To Employees out There
Criticism hurts, but nobody is perfect, including your manager. Take it on the positive side:  we always can find a way for improvement. On the other hand, some standards need to be met. How did you measure? Ask your manager to help you fill the gap. And FYI, your manager is coached as much as you are,  if it is of any consolation. And yes,for clarification to some…