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UPDATED: Wrapping Up the Year to Open a New Tab for HR & Communication

It has been a busy year as HR has seen many changes and will continue to live through many upcoming ones for 2017. Societal changes have greatly affected HR this year, apparently more than
ever. We are moving towards a multi-faceted approach to HR in a progressive world. To some it is promising. Others watch it develop with apprehension, along with a new era of Administration in the US. Businesses? They have to adapt if they want to be ahead, remain competitive, or just stay afloat.

The biggest changes came from the happenings in regulations that stemmed from societal concerns: Benefits, OT, minimum/living wage issue. Now, business owners' pressure aim at reversing at least some of the changes. Changes are known to not be static; but should we rather think volatility? Let alone the fear for uncertain economy. Talking about a VUCA world!
There were topics of peak interests, such as Technology, Analytics, and Big Data; and topics of concerns such as Privacy and Hacking issues. And …