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HR Measurement: Breakthrough Performance

Much is said and done about HR metrics, and lately about engagement. In fact, HR is still struggling with its own performance measurement. For a change, let's not talk about metrics even if I am a big fan of those numbers. What are often downplayed are  the factors that affect  metrics. Very simplistically it can be narrowed down to this simple question: how are your managers doing?
The truth of the matter is that you can complain about managers not doing well, not listening, not delivering as expected, but who is at fault? Very simple answer through a more intricate path.

Recently, I came across an article from Harvard Business review about HR at Netlfix. Impressive! All the more impressive to me since I happen to strongly share the same values. Basically, the principle would be: "keep only the best for your company, tell the truth, make  sure people understand the company's bottom line." Yes, one could say that it is too drastic. All things being relative, I fin…