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New Lights on Human Resources for 2018

A New Year is here and looking back and forward, a few things come to mind when it comes to how we should treat our Human Resources: simply, humanly. It seems obvious but we often miss the obvious. Let's shine the light on three main points:

RECOGNIZE YOUR PEOPLEBe gracious and grateful. It does not only mean shout outs for every time they make an achievement, big or small required by your company. It also mean treat them as human beings, not only as 'resources" or "means" of achieving company goals. Do you recognize birthdays (as your policy allows within respect of privacy) ? Did you offer a End-of-Year recognition/acknowledgement as a Holiday gathering/meal, a bonus, did you simply say wholeheartedly "enjoy the Holidays ? Or did you only accept your gift from your employees without giving anything in return or did you give yourself a big bonus while ignoring the people who worked for you? Did you recognize the extra mile they took to help you meet your go…