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Tell Me A Story...

Tell me a story...Whose steps do you  follow? Tell me who you admire and I'll tell you who you are...True?
There was a time when I worked in organizations where I practically liked everybody around me. In fact, it was reciprocal. It didn't matter in what department they were: we were just a group of people working together toward a common goal. We shared our successes, big and small, we talked about our frustrations and laughed at each others' jokes.
In one particular organization, and in some functions there was literally so little line between personal and professional life because we lived our work: we brainstormed so often, lived in meeting and receptions, and through projects. We WORKED TOGETHER . Was it demanding? Yes. Did we feel that we ought to complain about it? No. We loved working together. We loved what we were doing. It was fun. That lasted until our CEO made our lives miserable.

There was a big shift in policy so the CEO adjusted to it. We all had to, agree…

Toward the Integration of HR in All Operations...Not Utopia

If you think that HR is to be the center of the world, you couldn't be more wrong...or more right!...depending on your vision and perception of things. Andrée Laforge in her last  2012 post in Mesurer le Capital Humain gives us a very insightful example through the case of  Industrielle Alliance Assurance auto et habitation (IAAH). At IAAH the HR function is absorbed by all departments throughout the organization. The VP of "HR" has a different title. Should I say HR has a different denomination and the function is assumed and shared by all departments. Teamwork is prevalent. As a matter of fact in its "carreers" section of its website IAAH specifies that the company shines by being excellent in HRM:
"Our company stands out through its excellence in the field of human resources management. In fact, IAAH has won several prizes in this field in addition to receiving top honours at the 2004 Défi Meilleurs Employeurs (this competiti…