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Rethinking HR : Resources are Human Beings with Needs and Personal Lives

Do you consider yourself passionate about HR? I care equally about business interests/results and people matters. It is an enjoyable "juggling" or balancing act. It keeps you engaged. Unfortunately, concerns often conflict and it puts HR on a rough spot; it is a consistent reminder of our vulnerabilities as humans and professionals, regardless of our field of work.  It is also fair to say that among my other top interests are Fashion and Cooking. To me, both are synonymous of cultures in so many ways: both Fashion and Cooking/Cuisines tell you so much about a given society and/at a given time. It is a constant discovery, and stimulates creativity. It is also sharable.
Share Help ResourcesThis week's shock hit hard and so close to home with the tragic losses of Fashion icon Kate Spade and celebrity Chef  Anthony Bourdain. Please, refer to available sources for help@afspnational, or text “Talk” to 741741.I
They will be remembered for their outstanding , out- of-…