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Communication and Benefits

Let's Spring forward with March, the DD Awareness month, and dedicate a short time to a growing HR challenge: Healthcare and related matters.

Today, the burgeoning idea of a single-pay system found the spotlight. Changes are looming and businesses need to follow closely the subject: no need to be caught by surprise. Whether it will happen or not, HR needs to anticipate possible changes and reexamine benefits portfolios. Healthcare benefits have been on a roller coaster, from being voluntary  to quasi-mandated to possibly or potentially removed from employers' charges. According to a study by the Think Tank Kaiser Family Foundation supporters of a single-pay system rose to 55% in 2017 from a more modest 40% in 2000. Caution is however to be observed since when informed about the practical implications of such system, that number decreased by 21%, bringing up opponents to the system to a total of 60% to 62%.  However, opinions will very much take shape and swing following any com…