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Communication and HR: Building the Bridge to Engagement

Is a given week more interesting than another? It's all a matter of perspective. What you get stems from what you decide to do. This is the case in many instances. And when issues of harassment, diversity, and other sensitive matters arise, one has to be able to handle the situation tactfully. When you have a conversation, it is often to build a bridge or mend fences toward engagement one more time.

A Bridge to Engagement: A Wall of Clarity and Procedures 
A recent, unexpected conversation I had was an unusual (?) employee relations (ER) matter. You know you always get this first warning as "please do not let anybody know about this". In HR please, do not make promises you cannot keep. Let them know that you will listen and will not release personal information. But by the same token, make the necessary reservations and be honest: there are things that you have to report if some sort of remediation is necessary. It can be put just as simply as: "I understand but I h…