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HR Today: Towards a Culture of Permissiveness? A Call for Analysis

a big leap in working conditions' history, and an expanding view of the power of Human Resources or the average Joe who works for a given company. Where does the buck stop? 
The answer is simple for the average Joe: Respect, Benefits, Trust, Job Security, and overall Compensation . That's what the 2015 workforce is looking for in an employer of choice. Is it an unattainable goal for businesses and HR professionals?
A lot has happened since the Industrial Revolution and the birth and development ofUnions, and through the 60's and 70's where women where merely a "commodity" in the business world. Millennials are not even outraged at history: things have changed, it's a fact. And yes, you can say that they have changed quite a bit, for the better in many respects. Things have changed in the world of work to the brink of permissiveness for some workers and employers/managers alike. Today, HR professionals face another array of cha…

HR Wilt, Businesses Race: Involuntary Part-Timers

When you love something too much or too little, they wilt, like my orchid plant, or like people, your Human Resources. No luck there. 
To all concerned  ladies, employers, workers, commuters, and stay-at-home : Happy Mother's Day!
And to my readers, many thanks to you,  who kept visiting my blog during my "busy" time last month. We are back to the subject of linked healthcare, working hours and payroll/cost: at this point people are wilting as companies have already been switching to CDHCs - understand:HDHCPs - and the bipartisan call for repeal of the ACA "cadillac" tax seems to be too little, too late. Involuntary part-timers fall into the "plan" and companies race to adjust.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are 1.4 million of involuntary part-time workers in 2014 out of 18.9 related workers vs. 685,000 out of 19.2 million workers in 2007. Do you want more specifics? Read on part-time  workers for economic reasons.

Should we corre…