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News Stories - Update: Ethics, Digital World, and HR Policies

In some fields of work, we are told to learn to dissociate politics from work because it is the right thing to do. It is an ethical obligation. In the field of HR there could not be such differentiation since politics - in the form of legislation - interfere heavily with how we have to manage people and people's sentiments, attitudes and behaviors. So, again, what is HR to do? Is there anything as black and white, and do businesses really have  options as which path to take?

Does HR Truly Have Options?
In fact, it is very simple - or not that simple, as reality proves at times:
To the issues of violence (domestic or others) we have to face workplace violence. Consequently, businesses have implemented Workplace Violence Policies and Business Continuity; To the issues of calamities and catastrophic happenings (Hurricanes and others, Tornadoes, ...) we have to address workers' safety and well being. Businesses have put in place EAP and Communication Programs, and Business Continu…