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Hillary Clinton to HR....One is Fallible

I have to admit that I missed SHRM13: the meeting of course, and Chicago....and sadly, I missed a great opportunity to see Hillary Clinton talking to SHRM people! Among other things, I like this part of her speech:
... "Secondly, it’s important to take criticism seriously but not personally. If you’re in the public eye or even the HR department, you get a lot of challenges and questions and conflicts you have to resolve. You are going to be criticized. I learned you do need to listen to the criticism; you might very well learn to get better. But it can’t be so personally absorbed that you can’t get out of bed the next day."(Bill Leonard & Kathy Gurchiek, in Clinton Feels at Home in Chicago and with HR, SHRM, 6/16/2013 )
How true! You cannot be better if you are too self-absorbed, too focused on "doing well," and ridiculously badly (poorly) doing what is supposed to be your job...In other terms you are underperforming.

So You Know That You are the So-call…

Iron Lady or Iron Man? Keep HR Human

A few weeks ago, I came across a quite refreshing post from Everyday People. Steve was talking about the rewards of field work, of being close to and exposed to everyday people who often commute to walk into your office, people that you interview, those that you hire and dismiss. Do you "Remember When" it last happened to you? It could have been yesterday if you are still in operations, or a year or two ago, or even more if you have evolved to another position. Have you forgotten what makes you a "people person"? Do you think that you are less of a professional in your chosen field now? Think again.

Meet "Lisa", an incredibly vibrant professional. She is one of those people who get to be on and off the field. She is the heart of the company . Well, she can make things positively happen for the company. She makes the best out of bad situations, mitigates risks. She listens to everyday people whenever needed and counsels field executives. And I have been tol…