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Evaluation Time...Delivering as a True Business Partner

From Little to Big
Yesterday employee A was tearfully telling me that  two coworkers of hers were gossiping about her professional attitude. As a manager you will find her a highly engaged employee. Co-workers evidently found that attitude at least annoying. Three days before that employee B was physically aggressive and rude toward another one who just wanted to show cooperation. Employee B seems to be unable to take criticism,  and delivers results at the expense of both coworkers and proper procedures. There is worse: somebody from somewhere in the organization has decided that employees are not allowed to see the HR rep during working hours! A drastic measure to counteract abuses? Where did go the open door policy? And we all know the latest news about the tragedy in Connecticut. For HR there is not always an easy answer nor a clear-cut explanation. But beyond our labyrinth of procedures we have to find answers to safety and risk management in the workplace because "little t…

Christmas ..Holidays...Party Season..Why?

You Party because You are Expected To ....
By now you have your Holiday party planned or maybe you are already over it. Preparation can be hectic. You have been trying to give another nice end-of-year party and your hopes are that it will be.

It is amazing when we break it into pieces how many things something as simple and as common as a end-of-year Holiday party could involve. From very small to very large organizations, the idea behind it is to cultivate good employee relations. Employees look forward to this event. Life partners are involved in "shopping" for the occasion. It is indeed the networking event of the year for many, the one coming after social networking. As a child I remember going to business Christmas parties where the whole family was invited and children given very nice presents by Santa Claus!

For HR, it falls into a busy period: time for performance reviews, time for seasonal hiring for some, time for reporting, and this year, time for preparing for c…