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Evidence-based Model:Your New HR Brand is Here!

It is out there: many claim the new evidence-, competency-based HR model, the all new HR look, feel and sign of recognition.

It has generated a lot of waves in the HR community. The general feeling was one of disbelief, if not outrage. How did this happen?
I had a previous post on the topic. Aren't we a body of professionals to be recognized under a global umbrella? Why did SHRM and HRCI split? If we have not experienced it at the personal level, we felt it at the professional one: we all the sudden became members of a dysfunctional family! Did we see it happen? Did our parents organizations see it coming? The results are the same. We have been facing the change for some time now and we had three choices: reject, ignore, or embrace it. The stages of grief are painstaking, but after all, we are professionals. We ARE HR, so we can individually say, "Je suis HR" under the new competency-based model.

Was HR FROZEN in Time?
SHRM calls the new model the "HR of the Future&quo…


Communication is powerful, today more than ever, with social media. Frontiers are erased. Time elapses. Things and situations take a different dimension. Everything is "here and now". This week, "Je suis Charlie" has been the most recent and poignant picture of the power of communication. All started and ended in the workplace. Chilling for HR and Safety people.

People all the over the world spend most of their time at work. The typical workday is about six to eight hours in the the US with the new approach to the notion of full time job. In France it is typically eight hours, with often some flexibility, and despite the official 35 hours a week. . How can we protect workers against unexpected violence since they spend most of their time at work?

HR is not about damage control; it is about proactivity. Disturbingly enough, only 31% of workplaces in the US seem to be proactive in emergency preparedness, according toemployees, per a Harris Interactive® survey.

What h…