Communication is powerful, today more than ever, with social media. Frontiers are erased. Time elapses. Things and situations take a different dimension. Everything is "here and now". This week, "Je suis Charlie" has been the most recent and poignant picture of the power of communication. All started and ended in the workplace. Chilling for HR and Safety people.

People all the over the world spend most of their time at work. The typical workday is about six to eight hours in the the US with the new approach to the notion of full time job. In France it is typically eight hours, with often some flexibility, and despite the official 35 hours a week. . How can we protect workers against unexpected violence since they spend most of their time at work?

HR is not about damage control; it is about proactivity. Disturbingly enough, only 31% of workplaces in the US seem to be proactive in emergency preparedness, according to employees, per a Harris Interactive® survey.

What happened in Paris is a wake-up call for Communicators, HR, and Safety, in many respects. 

En Synthèse.... 


Les mots se vident de sens. Et pourtant, les images, le dit et le non-dit, c'est le pouvoir de la Communication.

"Je suis Charlie" est désormais intemporel. 

Dans le monde du travail - ou devrais-je dire sur les lieux de travail - l'on gagne et perd sa vie, Ressources Humaines, sortons de toute possible torpeur.

Mise à jour: Alerte au métro de Washington-DC . Et si votre employé allait au travail ou en revenait? (Nb: Droit du Travail US & Français diffèrent en la matière. Attention si vous êtes un multinational)


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