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Time For Celebration!

When is it time to celebrate? Many moments deserve celebration: from success to retiring through self-assessing. If you loose your ability to celebrate, then you loose sight of the values of things. It always feels good to indulge on chocolate, cake, or a nice meal, or maybe a glass of bubbly. And, well, it is the month of July, time for celebration in the US on the Fourth, and soon on the14th in France. It is time for that BBQ or pool party, or parade, and of course fireworks!

It is amazing how my interactions since last week have converged to, and evolved around that theme. Fireworks come in so many beautiful colors...and lots of noise! Good or bad? Well, you celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly, because that's what make you what you are now.

For that I love Hillary Clinton's personal observation as you could read in my previous post on fallibility.
A major leadership quality is the ability to constantly assess oneself for a constant renewal. If you are at all-times self-…