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Thoughts of July Celebration as HR Highlights Trading Places, People, and Services

This is July! It's hot as we celebrate the 1st of July in Canada, the 4th of July in the USA,  and the 14th in France!  And HR seats get hotter as we think of trading assets across borders.

Reading news and thoughts on the subject really brings me back to my Economics class! Today, the professor would be so happy because of the slew of information and thoughts on the subject; and most lead to the conclusion that this is not so much a cause for celebration for HR. And, yet, it is: we celebrate!
Globalization is neither bad, nor is it a banned word for the HR world: it is a living and ever-changing process. Basic principles of economics dating from thousands years ago introduced the notion that no group can grow without exchanges. So, let's just limit ourselves to two main thoughts: 1) Businesses have to accept exchanges if they think about sustainability, and 2) Exchanges are synonymous of partnership, collegiality, and as such, opposite to adversity.HR in a Global WorldIt is so …