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Back to Business ...Metro-Boulot-Dodo ....Train...Train... Globalization Challenges?

Global August Back to school and to business. In August?
If you are from the European part of the world, or a country that has embraced European business culture, August means summer. Meaning: relaxation, beach house, vacation, getting rid of the metro-boulot-dodo pattern, being free, regenerating, refueling, getting that beautiful tan....FREE and  HAPPY!...for longer than two weeks...

If you are where Europeans would call "Outre-Atlantique," (understand USA), August is back to business and back to school. Questionable timing in these times of globalization as even Saudi Arabia adjusted its business timetable to better meet non-Muslim nations opportunities by changing its week-end to Friday/Saturday versus the previously, traditional Thursday/Friday one? However, if you talk to some people, many will tell you that years ago, they did not go back to school until "past labor day," at least in some parts of the country. Now, you need summer and winter clothes for chil…