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Can HR Keep People Safe? The Shapes of Violence in Retail Industry

Evoking the subject of safety to HR is apparently almost "taboo". It is not considered as a major HR "role" by many, so it is easy to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear on it. 

Do most still think that it is not a matter of HR after recent unfortunate events? It is not one's favorite topic by choice, but it is a sad reality that we have to face as a society, a workplace, and a community of HR.

HR and Violence? Can HR Do it All? 
Some numbers are chilling according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):  the number one cause of workplace death has been violence over the last 15 years; and this being more predominant in the retail industry. Whereas a 2012 SHRM  workplace violence survey  reported 36% of workplace violence, the Retail industry alone recorded some form of crime in 85% of workplace violence. Although there is little that the employer can do to prevent workplace violence, plans and policies should be in place and training provided, accordingly.

One questi…