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Can - Do People Trust HR?

August was by no means silent, only vacated. We are back ...

All things considered, I doubt that HR hears the whole story. I am also convinced that leadership cannot hear all voices in places where no formal HR exists, such as in smaller organizations or units of larger ones. On the other hand, I highly doubt that leaders hear any story that does not resonate with them. Indeed, do YOU want to know? The questions remain: what resonates with leaders and do people trust HR?

Can HR  Pull and Push Stories?In one organization, managers and high level employees would come to my office and sit down to chat while waiting for their turn to see a VP of the company. My office happened to be accross the hall from his, and I was accessible: we had an open door policy. And they would tell their stories: how and why they came to join the company, how they accepted the position, what their concerns were,  their personal passions or issues at the time, or at any time. It were moments of sharing and list…