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Breaking Barriers.....Communication in the Marketplace Series - Part II

Contaminated Marketplace : Fear, Anxiety, Paranoia It is amazing how morale can be affected by the mode of internal communication. And the reverse is true: internal communication defines employees' morale.

The less employees know, or the more filtered the information they receive, the more distorted that information is going to be. People do not hear any longer. They "hear" themselves, they "hear" their own thoughts and fears, and they are going to think it out loud to the next co-worker, the next customer, and maybe their family members and friends. Worse, they could post it on Facebook and Glassdoor.

You could fire them, if you please, but the damage will be done. Actually firing them might be a bad idea if one of your supervisors has sought the information on their Facebook page. And there, down goes your organization.

So, all programs for boosting engagement is a waste of effort. It could be a temporary bandage but the bottom line is that you might be jus…

A New Lift.... Point Blank? ...Communication in the Marketplace Series - Part I

Shake...Silence in the Dark.... Point Blank
These last months have seen so many changes in a couple of organizations for which I find myself involved in communication dealings of some sort. Talking about a turbulent summer. You wonder how can so many unsettling things happen at the same time...It gives a real meaning to the expression "when it rains it pours". Shaking an organization from the inside out always causes waves, big and small, with the ripple or domino effect on stakeholders.

Organization A: a well-respected and liked CEO is transferred. Internal and external stakeholders waited several excruciating weeks before the announcement of a replacement finally came.... only a week before the exit of the leader. Organization B: a well-rounded but not so appreciated leader is leaving. Six weeks after the exit, no "known" replacement yet. Let's be correct: no announcement is made yet, not even for a formal interim. And let's not forget organization C which …