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HR: Ladies, It is All about You?

Dramatic and Provocative? Ladies, is it all about You? Is it All About Us? This is a subject that has been "bothering" me for a while. I have encountered so many women in my professional life, and the experience has been enriching, to say the least.  I came to the conclusion that the recent article of summs it all: The Invisible Woman Syndrome is the issue. On the opposite side there is charisma

Sexism in Employee Relations?
Millennials will tell you bluntly that you are sexist if you talk about employees issues specific to women. Gender bias and sexism do certainly exist.more men sharing child-rearing and household responsibilities: women are more vulnerable to specific household concerns. It could be because they are a "sandwich generation" or single parents, or more family- than career--oriented, or just because of "inherent" sociological perspectives.
It is an undeniable fact. One thing is also sure although we see more and


About Gamification

Gamification! The new hit in HR these days. Holograms! The latest in Communication today! This is amazing and can be exciting!

Let's talk about gamification quickly: it works! There is one condition sine qua non however: the employee has to be willing to play the game! As simple as that!
Players have to tend themselves to the rules of the game, whether they are willing participants or not. True! Pushed far enough, it could be - or is - the new way to metrics. As a result, employees will find themselves following the rules of the game. Scorecard goals can be reached through team games. It has been happening in many large organizations, and even on Wall Street. The most interesting thing in gamification is that you  can be drawn into it without knowing or willing! It is easy because games can be engaging, and there is the whole purpose of gamification.

Not a Game: Four Reasons Why Employees Quit. Let's face it: the majority of workers want to have fun doing their job. Why do emplo…