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Healthcare: From ACA to AHCA? A Quick Overview

Healthcare Update (03/26/17): The healthcare issue is put to rest ...temporarily. The bill was pulled before being negated by votes. The "people" have chosen while businesses had watched... closely. Yet, businesses will have to stay on the look out since this is not over. This is "the mind of man", for lack of better words. And, for lack of new policy, legislation would beanother strategy to pursue ubiquitous changes in the healthcare landscape, and let it/make it "explode". The new healthcare bill did not happen, but changes have already been implemented ahead of it. To read more on the facts, click here. The present situation is seen as a relief by Health providers, and probably as a setback for insurance companies. Meanwhile, strategy reajustment following the aborted healthcare bill remains to be seen, as budgetary concerns for curtailing of funds to ACA operations would most probably impact states and individuals. Compliance requirements remain in pl…