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Healthcare: From ACA to AHCA? A Quick Overview

Healthcare Update (03/26/17): The healthcare issue is put to rest ...temporarily. The bill was pulled before being negated by votes. The "people" have chosen while businesses had watched closely. Yet, businesses will have to stay on the look out since this is not over. For lack of new legislation, this is another strategy to pursue ubiquitous changes in the healthcare landscape. To read more on the facts, click here. This is seen as a relief for Health providers, and probably as a setback for insurance companies. Meanwhile, we  still have to see what will happen as budgetary concerns for curtailing of funding would most probably impact states and individuals. In the meantime, small businesses might see the enactment of the Small Business Health Fairness Act.  It opens the market across state lines for association health plans (AHPs) in a small group market. Want to learn more about the latter? Click here
By the end of the day we will know more about the state and future of …