The Demise of Retail: Snapshot from an HR lens - Part I -

We are back after the summer break, getting into the Fall season; and the Service/Retail world has been pushing - with big bangs - to diffuse what we have been hearing quite a bit about these last months (or years): the closing of stores and banks The Retail Meltdown, the Rise of Amazon and online shopping, the death of Brick and Mortar Store, and yet, the boom of the Food and Beverage industry. The common key factor? It is all about the the Service Industry, so the answer seems simple enough: People, as in customers and employees. But, not so fast! There is nothing simple about the  people-service industry complex, and much less about the retail outlook since not all retail businesses are equal. People can be ambiguous, and the symbiosis between HR and Service Industry workforce is hardly attainable. It would seem obvious that HR plays a major role in the rise and/or fall of the Service industry. The only caveat? It takes awareness.

Or, is it a false perception that HR in …


A short updateon a crucial and current subject: Healthcare. (For the very latest follow-up  and/or dissection of the process click here) The matter is of a global and complicated interest, but at this point do US employees still care? The subject goes "over the head" of many, has become more of a political duel rather than being approached as a public health concern  with serious economic impacts.

For the sake of information and communication on the subject, I will give a quick snapshot on the matter in this post. We remember (or don't) that ACA stands for the Affordable Care Act or "Obamacare", the AHCA is the American Health Care Act, and the latest is the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA).

Quick snapshot. Quick, because a decision - to go forward, to revise, or to halt the whole process (theorically, because steps will undoubtedly, continue to be taken behind the scene to somehow dismantle Healthcare as it is now) will occur within the next few days; He…

HR and Communication Thoughts: Heartless Business?

Do you remember that Spiderman amusingly dramatic phrase: "With great power comes great responsibility" ? We are closing the first quarter of the year, and it's usually time for rolling-out changes. Time for reviews, dreaded annual chats, result celebration, and follow-up or carrying-out of policy changes and/or new directives implementation. HR is at the heart of those actions. Neutral and Stoic. Passionate employees could argue that HR is at best passive, at worst heartless.

Interestingly enough, the Spiderman movie quote would stem from a discourse from the French Parliament in the late 1700s. Well, that was "pour la petite histoire" (a side note), but seriously, who does not remember that HR is known for being the villain, evil, or who knows what else.We would like to describe ourselves as objective and neutral. In reality, HR people are stoic rather than heartless. Neil Gorsuch stoically expres…

Healthcare: From ACA to AHCA? A Quick Overview

Healthcare Update (03/26/17): The healthcare issue is put to rest ...temporarily. The bill was pulled before being negated by votes. The "people" have chosen while businesses had watched... closely. Yet, businesses will have to stay on the look out since this is not over. This is "the mind of man", for lack of better words. And, for lack of new policy, legislation would beanother strategy to pursue ubiquitous changes in the healthcare landscape, and let it/make it "explode". The new healthcare bill did not happen, but changes have already been implemented ahead of it. To read more on the facts, click here. The present situation is seen as a relief by Health providers, and probably as a setback for insurance companies. Meanwhile, strategy reajustment following the aborted healthcare bill remains to be seen, as budgetary concerns for curtailing of funds to ACA operations would most probably impact states and individuals. Compliance requirements remain in pl…

Driving Engagement Through Recognition and Communication? A Love Story

Let's talk communication: February is about love stories and so much of those can be shared in the workplace. Be reassured: we are not going to talk about the common workplace romance. Instead, let's talk about love stories between an organization and its people. One of them is the story of change for many companies, especially the ones engaged in direct customer experience, brought by digitalization of life - meaning, business and consumer lifestyles -. This unstoppable trend  should boost rather than hinder how  we drive engagement within organizations.
The art of communication lies within the art of making people embrace - love vs. hate - the new turn. According to a January 2017 Gallup survey, only 32% employees in the US are engaged, and 13% globally. So, what could be key factors hindering or promoting,  and definitely affecting engagement?

It all comes down to communication. The do's and don'ts of communication in the workplace will define the "love" …

UPDATED: Wrapping Up the Year to Open a New Tab for HR & Communication

It has been a busy year as HR has seen many changes and will continue to live through many upcoming ones for 2017. Societal changes have greatly affected HR this year, apparently more than
ever. We are moving towards a multi-faceted approach to HR in a progressive world. To some it is promising. Others watch it develop with apprehension, along with a new era of Administration in the US. Businesses? They have to adapt if they want to be ahead, remain competitive, or just stay afloat.

The biggest changes came from the happenings in regulations that stemmed from societal concerns: Benefits, OT, minimum/living wage issue. Now, business owners' pressure aim at reversing at least some of the changes. Changes are known to not be static; but should we rather think volatility? Let alone the fear for uncertain economy. Talking about a VUCA world!
There were topics of peak interests, such as Technology, Analytics, and Big Data; and topics of concerns such as Privacy and Hacking issues. And …

PH and HR: Public Health and Human Resources, a Holistic Approach.

It's that time of the year again and I know that there are lots of talks about candy making in breakrooms. But wait a minute! I just came across a tweet about Nestlé today: chocolate with 40% less sugar is in the making! I love chocolate - it's the only candy I eat and I don't call it "candy" - so you can count me on that. .. Also, policy-wise, there is also quite a bit of buzz around Obamacare, well, call it "Healthcare". Those are news; but this post is about a simple, down-to-earth subject that has bigger consequences.  My question of the day: where are we heading to as a society? This is about Public Health and HR.

Counterintuitive Programs? When it comes to HR, it sometimes amazes me how much we do hurt ourselves without realizing it.
(1) Why is it that we (companies, HR or local HR partners doing the execution) choose all kinds of indulging food as engagement initiatives? Think a little bit: we provide sometimes or often (some organizations on a wee…