Rethinking HR : Resources are Human Beings with Needs and Personal Lives

Do you consider yourself passionate about HR? I care equally about business interests/results and people matters. It is an enjoyable "juggling" or balancing act. It keeps you engaged. Unfortunately, concerns often conflict and it puts HR on a rough spot; it is a consistent reminder of our vulnerabilities as humans and professionals, regardless of our field of work.  It is also fair to say that among my other top interests are Fashion and Cooking. To me, both are synonymous of cultures in so many ways: both Fashion and Cooking/Cuisines tell you so much about a given society and/at a given time. It is a constant discovery, and stimulates creativity. It is also sharable.
Share Help ResourcesThis week's shock hit hard and so close to home with the tragic losses of Fashion icon Kate Spade and celebrity Chef  Anthony Bourdain. Please, refer to available sources for help@afspnational, or text “Talk” to 741741.I
They will be remembered for their outstanding , out- of-…

Privacy Matters: An HR Refresher for Business in Crisis

True, I have been silent for awhile, but here am I, reminding myself that from inadvertent chit chat to note trail, and let alone cyber security concerns, we need to remind ourselves that privacy is no matter of laugh or joke. It does matter, more than ever in HR, in these times where many businesses are struggling to find a balance between the need for HR presence and assumed better efficiency via automation. 

A few recent observations reminded me of how privacy is a constant work in progress, and that HR should stay heavily involved in the process, in training, information, communication, and enforcement. Ethics is no matter of joke or negligence: a timeless reference here. In flattened organizations however, the challenge is becoming a problem as all ends are loose in absence of HR. The strategic decision of eliminating HR is increasing HR_related risks. The situations can be simplistic but the risks are not that simple as it appears.

Scenario 1 - The Bubbly Employee: A client asked…

New Lights on Human Resources for 2018

A New Year is here and looking back and forward, a few things come to mind when it comes to how we should treat our Human Resources: simply, humanly. It seems obvious but we often miss the obvious. Let's shine the light on three main points:

RECOGNIZE YOUR PEOPLEBe gracious and grateful. It does not only mean shout outs for every time they make an achievement, big or small required by your company. It also mean treat them as human beings, not only as 'resources" or "means" of achieving company goals. Do you recognize birthdays (as your policy allows within respect of privacy) ? Did you offer a End-of-Year recognition/acknowledgement as a Holiday gathering/meal, a bonus, did you simply say wholeheartedly "enjoy the Holidays ? Or did you only accept your gift from your employees without giving anything in return or did you give yourself a big bonus while ignoring the people who worked for you? Did you recognize the extra mile they took to help you meet your go…

The Demise of Retail: Part II - HR Red Alert

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 While little is said about it, the service industry represents 80% of employment in the U.S. Economy (U.S. Department of Labor) with a large proportion in retail, hospitality and healthcare, and social services. At the time when the retail world - with its almost nine (9) million workers - is expected to  make roughly 25% of its total business, people feel generous and shop more online or in store. But end-of-the- year shopping is not all glamour: as businesses dress up in red decorum, customers and workers see equally red, as hiring will not meet the projected 3-4% increase in business over last year. This is a stressful time for any human element of the business, an HR stress test facing the demands of the chaotic season of the retail world.

The determinant factor of business survival, that is, reaching its metrics goals versus previous year(s), depends on customer-buying …

The Demise of Retail: Snapshot from an HR lens - Part I -

We are back after the summer break, getting into the Fall season; and the Service/Retail world has been pushing - with big bangs - to diffuse what we have been hearing quite a bit about these last months (or years): the closing of stores and banks The Retail Meltdown, the Rise of Amazon and online shopping, the death of Brick and Mortar Store, and yet, the boom of the Food and Beverage industry. The common key factor? It is all about the the Service Industry, so the answer seems simple enough: People, as in customers and employees. But, not so fast! There is nothing simple about the  people-service industry complex, and much less about the retail outlook since not all retail businesses are equal. People can be ambiguous, and the symbiosis between HR and Service Industry workforce is hardly attainable. It would seem obvious that HR plays a major role in the rise and/or fall of the Service industry. The only caveat? It takes awareness.

Or, is it a false perception that HR in …