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The Power of Communication: Blowing on Workers, Businesses, and HR - OVERTIME UPDATE: STOP IT?

STOP- As a last minute update to this big wind of change: less than two weeks before taking effect the new Overtime Rule is out to a halt. By evidence this will be a relief to small employers and procastinators. But by now, most businesses have taken steps to either "upgrade" or "downgrade" concerned positions. Minds have also somehow adjusted to the idea. This is therefore a wait and see situation for both employers and employees. Word of caution: do not reverse what you have changed since neither employees or the HR suite need to be put in an additional, emotional roller coaster, and be ready for more changes. Definetely a challenge.

The other day, I happened to see a scream from a HR professional following a SHRM post on LinkedIn. It was a shout for Social Media to stop talking about the president-elect. The SHRM post was not about the president-elect or politics: it was about the changes that the new Administration will bring to HR. It was about information, whi…

Back to The Rules of Engagement

Back to simple concerns to get a bit away from major choices that will impact forever the HR landscape. Halloween season is/was here. If you are like me, it might not be of great interest to you. But believe it or not, it could be a window of opportunity for you to reach some HR goals.  On this little side note, I would like to share my discovery of what it could mean to employees, and what you could make out of it for engagement.

Make Halloween or any Other Event Part of Your Community Engagement
Many businesses are so good at this: Community Involvement. Do you take advantage of the trend? Service Providers like to "put their names out there". Part of branding, part of Corporate Citizenship. Even in metropolitan areas, there is that sense of community: many people who work in some organizations have lived in that city for many many years, or have gone in schools in that city and stayed there. In a sense, those cities feel like a small town. Many are active in var…