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HR Balance: A Work/Life Story - A Comparative View

Sometimes, we like simple stories. They are the ones that make everyday work life easier, better, smoother. That is assuming that work can be painful or less enjoyable. If work is 100% great, what is to change? Something has to be improved or added to bring a little pizzazz in worklife. Simple story of HR balance.

How About Making Worklife Easier? In HR we talk about strategy, policies, procedures, compliance, conflict management to name a few. That' s the core of the business, right? Maybe. What about the things that make a work day easier, better?
Take the example of France in attempting to improve work/life balance. Quality of life is important. American workers somehow envy France's working hours, just the same way French workers wish they could finish the day earlier like their German counterparts who average just 1 413 hours/year. That is an average of 27 hours a week!!. Things becoming blurry over time, - both countries being leaders in their own rights -   I have som…

Keeping Your Voice!!! Avoid Unions: Fresh View

Kenya Smithis a Human Resource Professional with over 10 years experience in the service industry. She has evolved in Hospitality, Healthcare, Technology, and HR Consulting. Her recent encounter with unions has brought new lights to her understanding of employee relations. Kenya is currently working for a Retail/F&B company where she serves as a Field HR Manager for the ATL, IND and DET locations Keeping Your Voice!!! So there was a plan to open the business and there was a plan to hire people to work for the business…but what is the plan to ensure that there is a balance between taking care of the business “and” the people? Neither should be neglected; however, both should continuously be a top priority if an organization wants to control what will or will not happen in that organization in the future.

I recently went through a ratification process where just a “little” over half of the employees wanted Union representation. It was their right; however, after only…