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External Factors Cause HR Revolution: At What Cost?

Update:  The comment period on the proposed rule on OT exemption remains Sep. 4th. You may opt for mentioning only your name without additional identification data. (09/01/15). Voices are heard here

We needed an interlude because it seems that when it rains, it pours. What is happening in the world of businesses and HR these days and times?!. Between minimum wage issue and ACA to exempt and independent contractor redefinition, employers scramble and employees foresee disaster.  The DOL has spoken, HR is on the grill, businesses are concerned, workers are at a loss. This is a time of confusion and transformation. Who is the winner?

Several propositions have been coming from the DOL lately, with the redefinition of exemption being the major one. No less than uneasiness could be expected from this change.

Added to that is the "economic realities"-based interpretation of independent contractors by the DOL.

Changes are AheadSo, for the HR world, what is there to do and understan…