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To some, this polemic smells Capitalism and Money, breaking the cycle of "unchartered waters".

To others it is personally encouraging - if they support the new SHRM format - or all too simply confusing and unsettling, if they are out -of- the- loop, common HR people.

 To observers this is no surprise since they had unfolded the following about SHRM a few years back:
"Board compensation increasesBoard compensation unchecked by independent committeeUnrestricted first class travel for board membersOnly 38 percent of board members having at least a PHR certificationOnly 60 percent of board members are HR prosSHRM CEO is a finance pro, not an HR proSHRM board uses a search firm to find board members, including those uncertified and not members of SHRMSHRM board retains nearly all power, with extremely limited member recourse" (References, here) Updates on SHRM transparency efforts have been published. Get acquainted with the site.   

It has been noted t…

Win or Lose: Competency-based sHRm Certification Update

Quite a buzzthese days since SHRM announced the new Competency-based HR Certification. This is a SHRM certification. Bye bye HRCI?? You  probably have, just like me, received emails after emails from both SHRM and HRCI. Both organizations fight  for their own credentials. Certification ? Yes. Global? Yes. Universal?  ??...

SHRM's argument is that its certification is the evolvement of next credential for HR professionals. No longer about knowledge "only"; rather about how to apply that knowledge in the business world "with positive outcomes". It announces that the test will be more scenario-based, and does not exclude an interview down the road.

HRCI on the other hand confirms that its portfolio of certification is "competency-based" and "relevant" for all HR professionals around the globe. It will continue to offer all certifications.

This is going to be confusing to certified professionals and candidates for certification. Confusing because…

Win or Lose: New sHRm Experience and Competency Modeling

How much experience counts?  To what extent does experience count?
"No, not enough experience". Or again, "Too much experience for this position" Some job candidates have heard it all. What is then for them to  think or do? Maybe put into practice the famous advice of Amy Cuddy...
Fake It Until You Know It! It is interesting to apprehend the definition of "experience"as defined by some HR recruiters or managers, and actually see its translation in levels of competency. Experience level could so often erroneously be evaluated by the numbers of years in the field of HR. Easy to do, right? It also sounds logical. How else would you measure experience? It's like cheese, better aged! How about going for the crazyones? SHRM to Create New Certification Based on HR Competencies - See more at:
SHRM to Create New Certification Based on HR Competencies - See …