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To some, this polemic smells Capitalism and Money, breaking the cycle of "unchartered waters".

To others it is personally encouraging - if they support the new SHRM format - or all too simply confusing and unsettling, if they are out -of- the- loop, common HR people.

 To observers this is no surprise since they had unfolded the following about SHRM a few years back:
  • "Board compensation increases
  • Board compensation unchecked by independent committee
  • Unrestricted first class travel for board members
  • Only 38 percent of board members having at least a PHR certification
  • Only 60 percent of board members are HR pros
  • SHRM CEO is a finance pro, not an HR pro
  • SHRM board uses a search firm to find board members, including those uncertified and not members of SHRM
  • SHRM board retains nearly all power, with extremely limited member recourse" (References, here)
Updates on SHRM transparency efforts have been published. Get acquainted with the site.   

It has been noted that SHRM gave little priority to HRCI certification. Were HR-certified members aware of that? How did it happen that non-HR people get to lead the HR world?  The truth is that SHRM could have been given a blanket of trust because HRCI et SHRM were apparently so intertwined: HRCI was a direct link from the SHRM website, the demarcation was so blurry . No longer....
Listen to the CYA Report and  Kris Dunn HERE. So relevant to HR-certified people!

Now, the question is: to what extent is this polemic relevant to the business world and the HR world?

  1. Crucially Relevant?
  2. Quite Relevant?
  3. Somehow Relevant?
  4. Detrimentally Relevant?
The answer would be enlightening. Do members still have the right and time to bring changes to SHRM? Another good question. Apparently, you can give your  feedback HERE (click on How You can Help).

How relevant to you is this? Check here.

*LATEST UPDATE: SHRM has changed the tone  of its communication. More analysis. This IS an evolving matter.


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