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Privacy Matters: An HR Refresher for Business in Crisis

True, I have been silent for awhile, but here am I, reminding myself that from inadvertent chit chat to note trail, and let alone cyber security concerns, we need to remind ourselves that privacy is no matter of laugh or joke. It does matter, more than ever in HR, in these times where many businesses are struggling to find a balance between the need for HR presence and assumed better efficiency via automation. 

A few recent observations reminded me of how privacy is a constant work in progress, and that HR should stay heavily involved in the process, in training, information, communication, and enforcement. Ethics is no matter of joke or negligence: a timeless reference here. In flattened organizations however, the challenge is becoming a problem as all ends are loose in absence of HR. The strategic decision of eliminating HR is increasing HR_related risks. The situations can be simplistic but the risks are not that simple as it appears.

Scenario 1 - The Bubbly Employee: A client asked…