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The Demise of Retail: Snapshot from an HR lens - Part I -

We are back after the summer break, getting into the Fall season; and the Service/Retail world has been pushing - with big bangs - to diffuse what we have been hearing quite a bit about these last months (or years): the closing of stores and banks The Retail Meltdown, the Rise of Amazon and online shopping, the death of Brick and Mortar Store, and yet, the boom of the Food and Beverage industry. The common key factor? It is all about the the Service Industry, so the answer seems simple enough: People, as in customers and employees. But, not so fast! There is nothing simple about the  people-service industry complex, and much less about the retail outlook since not all retail businesses are equal. People can be ambiguous, and the symbiosis between HR and Service Industry workforce is hardly attainable. It would seem obvious that HR plays a major role in the rise and/or fall of the Service industry. The only caveat? It takes awareness.

Or, is it a false perception that HR in …