Toward the Integration of HR in All Operations...Not Utopia
If you think that HR is to be the center of the world, you couldn't be more wrong...or more right!...depending on your vision and perception of things. Andrée Laforge in her last  2012 post in Mesurer le Capital Humain gives us a very insightful example through the case of  Industrielle Alliance Assurance auto et habitation (IAAH). At IAAH the HR function is absorbed by all departments throughout the organization. The VP of "HR" has a different title. Should I say HR has a different denomination and the function is assumed and shared by all departments. Teamwork is prevalent. As a matter of fact in its "carreers" section of its website IAAH specifies that the company shines by being excellent in HRM:
"Our company stands out through its excellence in the field of human resources management. In fact, IAAH has won several prizes in this field in addition to receiving top honours at the 2004 Défi Meilleurs Employeurs (this competition took place in the province of Quebec)! Our priority is to let our employees work in a humane and challenging environment". (careers inalco)

"HR Tomorrow...Achieving Excellence through Innovative HR" 

is the theme of the upcoming HR conference held by the Carlson School of Management of the University of Minnesota. It will address 2013 HR innovative approaches. But until now, what has been happening?
One major and growing trend is the reduction of HR Administration, if not its automation. Below is an example of that HR transformation at Kraft Foods as explained by Ron Hanscome in HCM Tech Vista.

HCM Tech Vista - HR Tech Recap

Depending on organizations, we have seen the switch to the integration of HR, Operations and Administration,  with the  main HR function evolving to the one of a business partner; or the development of HR function to CHRO level who ensures HR planning and coordinates the function to meet business goals through a web of HR departments; or again the creation of an internal HR consulting function when HR function was previously assumed by a close partner to the CEO. In sum, HR is seriously evolving. HR is in the middle of a serious transformation. It is spreading out in one form or another.

HR was never to be and cannot be accomplished in silo. It requires understanding the business, and the ability to fully partner with other departments. But most of all, it calls for the ability to mentor and consult to all other departments in terms of HR so that business goals can be reached in full consideration of HR concepts. And that is crucial for your sustainability if you are a HR of one. Any thoughts?


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