Notes On Recognition: To Employees, Managers, and HR

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A shout out to Sharlyn Lauby of HR Bartender on her post on employee recognition! Simple and to the point, addressing both employees' concerns and managers-related issues in a concise fashion.

Recognition To YOU & Engagement to ... ?

In today's world of work, recognition has become paramount. The thought is that it is the key to engagement, So, yes, send your Kudos in all shapes and forms. However coaching and feedback sessions are the flip side of recognition, and it can stir so many reactions.


To Employees out There

Criticism hurts, but nobody is perfect, including your manager. Take it on the positive side:  we always can find a way for improvement. On the other hand, some standards need to be met. How did you measure? Ask your manager to help you fill the gap. And FYI, your manager is coached as much as you are,  if it is of any consolation. And yes,for clarification to some, your HR person might have to do that, sometimes, unpleasant job.

Still thinking that you are unfairly, negatively sanctioned? Before you make that call to higher instances, make a self-assessment. And yes, you are biased somehow: we ARE ALL biased when it comes to ourselves. That being said, you have to be good at something even if you could improve in some ways.
And if the fact that "such and such" still appears to be getting, or actually does get, special privileges versus you and the rest of the team, by all means, address it to your manager without being confrontational or accusative. This will cause changes, of course. Fearing retaliation? Talk to somebody in HR: trust that you will get some advice, or that things will be sorted out. At least you will not be miserable every day,
But sometimes, and as much as I dislike saying this, we just have to go, move ahead, and put things behind us. Only YOU can know the best solution for yourself. In any case, don't make yourself, and stay, miserable.

As for Managers, on Recognition:

Employee recognition and engagement are big these days. And yes, in their efforts to recognize, employers can embarrass, annoy, or unintentionally demean their employees. Not all notions of fun is universal. Managers have to embrace the idea of recognition, not just execute. It should not be a chore, a "must" on the to do list. Maybe it would be the secret ingredient beside asking your employees how they want to be recognized. Coaching is what is it called: uneasy at times, but constructive. In our coaching, we can have tough love, but should not have blind love. Did you ever wonder why your team thinks A or B is treated better than the rest of the group?

To Employers, Another Piece of Advice: 

Complacency could hurt. Do not let the most "engaged"employee take over engagement ideas or suggestions. Its is not about one person idea or wants, or willingness to help or shine. Complacency can lead you to apparent favoritism. It is about what the group would find truly meaningful. Could a focus group fail representing the company? A question that you should ask yourself: how did you determine the focus group? A quiet or silent workforce is not synonymous of a workforce without ideas and feelings. How did you test the waters? Are you getting comfortable and keeping as members of the focus group those you think agree with you? Adding new blood can change dynamics. Maybe time to put a thought on that?
Moreover, recognition and engagement are also for managers. Do you have some emerging trends? Don't feel uneasy about taking strategic steps forward.
And if you are a global company, paying twice as much attention on cultural values if lifesaving!


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