Leadership Lessons From Fathers: Five Focus Points


Sunday was Father's Day. Whenever we think of fathers, we think leadership. So, what is it about fathers, people, and leadership?

Families, businesses, people and countries are led by "father" figures. There are countless examples around the globe. That being said, some countries are known to be "matriarchal" and many leaders are women. This doesn't change the attributes surrounding leadership.

Leadership has been associated with father figures throughout centuries. To those of us who have been fortunate enough to have had a father figure present in our lives - at home and/or work- we have learnt and grown for our experiences. So, what are the basic rules of leadership?


  • Without a clear vision, you have no goal to attain. 
  • There is no finish line: we always can do better
  • The possibilities are limitless: you always can better the world and the lives of those around you


  • Yes there are rules and they need to be followed
  • Rules limit your power: Executive power? Omni-current issue. Think about it twice whenever making decisions 
  • Guidelines are the safeguard to failure: Ethics are crucial to leadership


  • Bend but do no break: The Art of Leadership 
  • Adjust, adjust and adjust again: Do not stiffen your business in "frozen" rules, thought and approach
  • Grow with your team: Leaders learn from their teams and followers, they share and communicate


  • My best  lesson in Leadership: Humanity. You don't have to be harsh, soft, or religious.  Just be humane. It is enough.
  • Learn from wolves "leaders"?  here. Wolves have more "humane" traits than portrayed: how do great leaders treat their junior team members?
  • Make humanity your guardrail. Don't fall into the traps of "leadership power." But stay focused, be consistent and persistent. 


  • Focus keeps you in check. It helps you make sense of lows and highs
  • Focus is aligned with consistency: deviations happen, but they should be the exception rather than the rule
  • Focus is what makes the big and small pictures great and "picture perfect". Persistence will get you there. Differenciate persistence from stubborness and lack of logic and objectivity.

We all have/had Father figures in our lives and we all have learnt from them.  Leadership is an art, yes, but most of all, it is a life-acquired lesson of balanced decision-making.

En Synthèse....

Pour la fête des Pères, en honneur à tous les Papas, les leaders qui nous ont guidés et qui continuent de le faire...lire plus haut.


Pour la fête des Pères, en honneur à tous les Papas...


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