HR Valentine Stories: Caution is "de Rigueur"

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  • On the way to visit this company I was thinking: " No, no way I would want to work there...This is too far from the metropolitan area..." Surprise: I loved the place, the job, made lifetime friends...
  • About an interviewee, on first impression: "Oh! what should I think?" Punky look, great smile, different industry, yet great background, so smart, flexible, and so likable... It was the best hire ever!
  • The boss handing out heart-shaped candies: Underappreciated Valentine thoughts by many. Do we need to understand that thoughts count? Appreciation is a daily practice
  • And sharing SHRM's Valentine stories here! From Valentine expressions to job postings...In HR we always have to be cautious...Happy Valentine to all HR people! What are your Valentine stories? Share with those around you....

En Synthèse....

La St. Valentin se fête aussi au boulot, mais c'est aussi autour de Noel, et les histoires de tous le jours, ici et là... Bon St. Valentin RH! Et merci d'être de si bons lecteurs!


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