Wrapping up the Year in Thanksgiving for HR ... En Hommage...

As People in the United States gather in Thanksgiving, we share our special thoughts with People around the World. 

HRComatrix- Thangsviging1015
So, this short message is in Thanksgiving for the powerful images that have shaken the world this year, for the many global and US  changes that have been transforming the way People will live and earn, and for how HR will manage its Human Capital as they move around, for examples of caring companies around the globe, as well as for what we have at a personal level, our Friends and Families around the World.

En respect de la tradition aux USA en cette saison de Thanksgiving, ce billet est en reconnaissance et hommage à tous les individus, employés et employeurs qui ont transformé par le dit et le non-dit le visage du monde et des RH cette année-ci.


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