Turnover Data: What Social HR Stories Mean?

So much buzz on social HR lately...But did it ever occur to you that job postings buzz as much about loss than opportunities? One can argue that it does not tell the whole story. There is a new trend in HR.
Check out this recent story in this organization of 100.

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How would the public know that turnover is voluntary or not? Irrelevant because your people will tell the stories they know and perceive to be true...Reality: your ROI on people is at least depleted. Moreover: the less you share, the worse  the impact could be. Communication is never easy to manage. These days employees at least connect on Facebook or text messages to each other. You could not possibly ignore that fact. So, yes, it does affect your ROI as much as your company morale and branding. Your stats will let you see another side of the story: those numbers will be in your scoreboard. Your stories will be told to others based on what they see and hear. They connect the dots! How about you? 


What Is Your Picture Story?

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How does your story look like in the eyes of your employees? You cannot control the stories that they will tell because they see, hear, and socialize. We are in the era of Social HR. What do the pictures tell about your HR?

En Synthèse......

C'est la fin du contrôle HR, ou du conservatisme, si vous préférez. Nous avons dépassé l’époque de la communication traditionnelle. RH? PR? Tout se confond et se contrôle de l’intérieur par vos employés autant que de l’extérieur par vos partenaires, compétiteurs, clients. La solution? Mesurez-vous Votre Marque Employeur?


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