Where do Messages conflict?

Is there a disconnection between messages in your organization? Does your messenger understand the message?

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You just had your employees watch a corporate communication video or webcast. Really, a nice one: examples are great, news are encouraging, messages are uplifting. Yes, after watching the video your employees feel that they are an integral part of a great organization.

But then without related comment or transition the manager switches to local subjects. It is just as if the video never existed. So much for corporate communication hard work! How hard is it to make a transition?...

Better yet: one question was raised by an employee and the response is dismissive. A second employee backed up the first comment. That one is interrupted...not to say cut off, and the group is briskly dismissed.
So much for a "you asked...we listened" slogan!

Nobody notices anything...almost nobody...apparently...A third employer said discreetly to another one " that was so rude to interrupt and ignore the requests that way..."

Where did we fail? Is anybody willing to take ownership of...
....of what? Anything went wrong? No! Certainly not!


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