Just a Simple Reflection: Professionals?

Did you ever wonder about lack of engagement, loss of morale, decline in productivity?
Of course. And the more it happened, the more we pushed because we had our goals to meet.

HR usually does not deal with that type of issue. At least not to the extent of line managers do. We do witness the struggles, and managers are - seriously - held accountable for their results. What about HR people?  Is the decline in productivity and lack of engagement in an organization the reflection of line managers not meeting their goals or HR not being accountable for its own? Maybe both with some intricacies.  Clinton Wingrove, HR consultant, raised questions about lack of accountability of HR people. With good reasons? I let you reflect on the issue. Granted, consultants view things slightly differently than those who are in "operations", and get "excited" about it. But that's what being a consultant is about.

One point, however: HR reflects a couple of things: 1) The culture of the organization, and 2)  The attitude or personal philosophy of the HR individual. Some organizations think of HR as the "police function". It is certainly felt as such often times.  I strongly believe that HR should be an agent of change. If one is willing to change things positively when needed, it could translate in getting things done. Can we make it happen "without direct authority"? That is the power of personal accountability and of transformational change. It could cost you a lot in some circumstances, but  it is the thrill of the job. When nothing is to be accomplished any longer, it is time to go.

It is when HR is entrenched into lack of flexibility, creativity, and accountability that it deviates from professionalism. I still believe that HR is a fun profession. It is risky business, but it is the fun part of it. Bringing in the right talents, keeping people engaged, and giving a true meaning to KPIs is not an easy task.

And yes, true HR professionals are out there, and they have fun doing their job for the most part, and trying to get the right balance.


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